Our Philisophy

Welcome to Allura Orthodontics! Our Henderson orthodontics team is here to help you and your family with all your orthodontic needs. As an American Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Gautam has dedicated his life to the field of orthodontics.  Dr Gautam’s credentials and experience has made him one of the most decorated professional for orthodontics in the Las Vegas area. You and your family deserve the best local orthodontic care possible.

Henderson Orthodontics

Our Commitment

At Allura Orthodontics, our patients become a part of our family. For us, it’s not all about dentistry and orthodontics, but also getting to know you and make you feel a part of the Allura Orthodontics family. We’ve created a warm and friendly atmosphere that all of us can enjoy. We’ve been serving the Henderson and Las Vegas region for years and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built in the local community. We offer many services that you can trust and rely on. When you need a local Henderson orthodontist, Allura Orthodontics is there.


Holistic Approach

Allura Orthodontics embraces an holistic approach to wellness. Not only will your treatment improve your teeth, bite and smile; you’ll notice a change in your health and well-being.

How? You ask. Teeth that are in proper alignment create fewer cramped spaces in which food can become caught and plaque can develop. Properly aligned teeth also promote healthier gums and are easier to care for when it comes to brushing and flossing.

But the advantages go even farther. Numerous studies have identified a whole-body connection to oral health. Your mouth actually serves as a window into your overall health. Since oral health issues can become indicators of other systemic problems, your decision to pursue orthodontic treatment is one that can have far-reaching benefits beyond improved self-esteem. Think of our comprehensive approach to your treatment as orthodontics from the inside, out.

Straight teeth and a proper bite are vital to your health. Braces are no longer used just for cosmetic reasons. A growing body of medical research is finding increasingly strong links between good oral health and overall health. It’s really not surprising because your teeth provide a direct link for bacteria and inflammation to enter your bone marrow and blood stream. Crooked or overlapping teeth are harder to clean. Teeth that are too close together are difficult to floss. An improper bite can wear down teeth and cause pain.

There are so many choices for orthodontic treatment that choosing a highly trained orthodontic specialist is more important than ever. Extensively trained in dentistry and orthodontics, Dr. Gautam is American Board Certified Specialist and is one of the most experienced and recognized orthodontists in the world.

While our office is located in Henderson, we’re only a few miles away from;

  • Las Vegas
  • Anthem
  • Green Valley
  • Boulder City
  • Southern Highlands
  • Seven Hills
  • And surrounding locations


We’re located at 3039 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052. Call us at (702) 489-5237 or visit our map for directions.