Damon Braces

Damon Braces

Damon BracesUnlike the bulky, uncomfortable braces, Damon braces will give you a dazzling, beautifully aligned smile, as comfortably and efficiently as possible. At the end of your treatment, you’ll have the kind of smile that you can’t help but show off! Dr. Gautam at Allura Orthodontics has extensive experience with the Damon braces system, and rely on the incredible advancements they’ve made in orthodontic technology to treat even cases that were considered ‘untreatable’ by other practitioners, without extracting healthy teeth.


We are proud to be able to offer our clients this comfortable and efficient orthodontic treatment system. Combined with our dedication to providing the highest standard of care and a customized treatment plan that combines science and artistry, we know that you will love how your healthy new smile enhances your individual facial structure and esthetics!


What’s Different About Damon Braces?

With conventional braces, the wires are attached to the tooth brackets by elastic ligatures or “o-rings”. These elastics press the wires against the teeth. The resulting pressure and friction slows down the movement of the teeth. What this means is that with traditional braces, much more pressure, and often discomfort, is required to move the teeth into the desired position.


In contrast, progressive Damon braces are “self-ligating”, meaning that the brackets themselves have doors that hold the wires in place, slightly away from the teeth. Because the wires aren’t pressing against the teeth, Damon braces allow the teeth to move into the right position with much less pressure. The Damon system relies on memory wires. Instead of being manually shaped to fit in your mouth, they are flexible when inserted, and as they heat up with your body temperature they gradually try to return to their naturally straight state. The pressure of the wires trying to straighten out is what causes the subtle, consistent pressure on your teeth and moves them into their optimal position.



Advantages to Damon Braces


Greater Comfort

The Damon braces bracket system is smaller, smoother and more comfortable than the brackets found on traditional braces. As well, the memory-shape wires are thinner and more lightweight. This all combines into a braces system that both feels and looks less obtrusive and bulky, and is much smoother against your teeth and the tissues in your mouth. In most case, the treatment with Damon braces do not require extractions! At Allura Orthodontics, we avoid extracting teeth in all possible cases, also increasing your comfort and reducing your downtime.


Easier Care

Having a straighter smile is wonderful, but you don’t want to sacrifice the health of your mouth during treatment. Because Damon braces do not have ligatures or elastics, it is much easier for you to brush and floss your teeth while wearing them, helping to ensure that your beautiful smile stays healthy for life.


Fewer Office Visits

Life is busier than ever, and as much as we love to see you, we’re guessing that you’d like to make as few office visits as possible during your treatment. With conventional braces, adjustments need to be made about every 4-6 weeks. With the Damon system, you can go much longer between office visits—typically 8-12 weeks.


How does this happen? The secret is the amazing technology involved with Damon braces. With the Damon braces system, each individual bracket can be customized to create active or passive resistance. Passive brackets use a smaller wire, creating less friction and allowing teeth to move a bit more freely. Active resistance brackets use a thicker wire, moving the teeth into position more assertively and with strong control.


This level of customization, combined with the low level of friction created by the self-litigating system, straightens teeth more efficiently and requires less frequent manual tightening. This not only means fewer office visits (and less time away from school or work) but also increases comfort. And of course, the adjustments themselves are a quicker, more comfortable process.


Quicker Treatment Results

The team at Allura Orthodontics wants to give you a straighter, more beautiful smile that will help you look and feel your best. With Damon braces, we can accomplish that much more efficiently. Their friction-free design allows teeth to move independently of our in-office manual adjustments, and with much less required pressure. This not only makes having braces a much more comfortable experience, but a shorter one. Damon braces’ state-of-the-art design and reliably consistent results allow for more efficient movement of teeth, typically reducing total treatment time by about 6-12 months.

Damon Braces are also available in clear transparent material – Damon Clear

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