What Is CompleClear?

CompleClear is an FDA cleared removable braces system, which is similar in scope to conventional braces but offers the aesthetics, effectiveness and flexibility that are unmatched by any existing braces system.

How Does CompleClear Work?

CompleClear system utilizes clear transparent braces and wires that are individually customized and virtually invisible. CompleClear system does not use unsightly elastics or powerchains that discolor during treatment- making it the world’s most aesthetic and hygienic braces system. But here’s the best part – if desired, CompleClear’s unique bracket design allows it to be removed by the patient so you can enjoy that special occasion or that special night out. CompleClear is fast and effective, and is indicated for both kids and adults. 

Advantages of CompleClear

Clear in Appearance
Removable if Desired
Shorter Treatment Time
Minimal Discomfort
Precise 3D Tooth Control
No Elastic Rings/Springs/Chains
No Enamel Removal Unlike Clear Aligners

So no more metal mouth, brace face and train tracks! With CompleClear you can laugh, talk and smile with confidence and get the smile you always wanted! And to top it all off, this revolutionary braces system is much more affordable than you think. Give yourself and your loved ones a reason to smile – ask your doctor about this life changing solution.

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