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We, at Allura Orthodontics, love to witness the transformation in our patients’ smiles. For years, Dr. Gautam has been crafting beautiful, straight smiles to his patients through a variety of orthodontic treatments including metal braces, clear braces, lingual braces, Invisalign, retainers and more. Dr. Gautam is committed to success for each and every patient and works hard to craft an individualized treatment plan to suit his patients’ needs. With our welcoming office and friendly staff, we make it easy for you to visit and start your journey to your own flawless smile.


But don’t listen to us – see for yourself. Feel free to take a look at the before-and-after photos from our past patients’ treatments below. These are only a few examples of the orthodontic work we do every day.


Braces Before and After Case 1Brittany came to us with a relatively normal growth pattern but a severe crowding and poor occlusion on the back teeth. The biggest challenge was the amount of crowding with the canines blocked out to the labial in the upper jaw. Facial esthetics, ideal alignment and occlusion was our main focus. We were able to control nicely the torque of the incisors so they would not be proclined. It was a real treat to watch the beautiful transformation, both dentally and personally. The total treatment time was 17 months. THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!


Braces Before and After Case 2Jessica came to the office with deep overbite and crowding. Here overbite was so severe that it completely obscured her bottom teeth. At the end of the treatment, we achieved a perfect alignment for her upper and lower teeth, with an ideal occlusion and overbite. The total treatment time was 18 months for Jessica. Congratulations to Jessica on her new smile!


Braces Before and After Case 3Ashley came to us with problem of ‘buck teeth’. In addition, she had crowding of upper and lower teeth. Another major problem was the ‘underbite’ of her back teeth- her upper teeth were positioned inside of her lower teeth. This is the problem that necessitates the ‘expander’ to be used for the upper jaw. That’s exactly what we did for Ashley in addition to her braces. At the end of treatment, her posterior teeth ‘underbite was fixed, with perfect front and back teeth alignment and an excellent facial esthetics. The total treatment time for Ashley was 21 months. Congratulations Ashley! Such a huge change!


Braces Before and After Case 4Michael came to us with severe overbite issue and a skeletal Class II problem as a result of deficient growth of his lower jaw. Such deficient lower jaw growth problem often require use of a functional appliances that have shown promise in increasing or accelerating the growth of the lower jaw. One such appliance was used for Michael in addition to braces. At the end of the treatment, there was marked improvement is lower jaw growth as seen from the profile view. We also achieved an excellent alignment and occlusion for Michael. The total treatment time for Michael was approx. 20 months. Congratulations Michael! Imagine what your new smile can do for you!


Braces Before and After Case 5Danielle came to us for spacing on between her upper and lower teeth. We chose to close the spaces by bringing the back teeth forward so as to not negatively impact the upper and lower lip. With her prominent nose and chin, any backward movement of her lips (as a result of front teeth moving back) could have adversely affected her facial esthetics. At the end of treatment, a perfect combination of esthetics, occlusion and alignment were achieved. The total treatment time for Danielle was 17 months. Congratulations Danielle!


Braces Before and After Case 6John came to us with moderate crowding of the upper and lower teeth. However, the major concern of his mom was how far forward the upper front teeth were inclined and the difficulty for the Jamie to close his lips. At the end of the treatment, ideal occlusion, alignment and facial esthetics were achieved. The total time in braces for Jamie was 19 months. John was a fantastic patient!


See what Allura Orthodontics can do for you! We are proud to serve the communities of Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Anthem, Seven Hills, Southern Highlands, Boulder City, with a variety of excellent orthodontic care including metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, early treatment, and orthognathic (jaw) surgery. To make an appointment at our office, simply use our online form or give us a call.

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